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DATE: June 8, 2015 10:43:40 AM PDT

Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) teams at the Refugio Incident have assessed 96.5 miles of shoreline. As of June 7, about 44 percent has met its cleanup goals. These areas are mostly sandy beaches with some rip rap (stone or other material used to support shorelines and banks). Most of these areas have only trace amounts oil on them which is less than 1 percent. Clean areas will continue to be monitored for re-oiling which may occur, especially with the natural oil seeps in the area.

Cleanup continues on other parts of the shoreline, especially cobble and rock areas which require hand crews, and in the excavation area in the vicinity of the initial release. The work will continue until the cleanup goals for those areas have been met. 

Wildlife crews continue to search for affected wildlife. No additional oiled live wildlife has been found in the response area since June 5. Experts will conduct special examination of the dead wildlife to determine the cause of death. The bird count is 58 live and 136 dead. The mammal count is 43 live and 67 dead. Not all of the dead animals collected have been oiled. Oiling itself is not an indication of the cause of death.

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